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Electric bicycle servicing

Electric Bicycle E-bikes are here to stay. We're seeing high demand and a lot of broken e-bikes.

As much as we'd like to say we can always fix your e-bike, the fact is sometimes we can't. We're updating our workshop and skill set to work on e-bikes, but we're still learning.

Mechanical Problems

E-bikes are pretty harsh on mechanical components, the brakes and drivetrain in particular take a heavy hit, all that extra weight and power. We recommend getting any e-bike serviced at least once a year. Mechanical issues with e-bikes are dealt with as a normal bicycle service.

Electrical Problems

If there's a problem with the electrical system on your e-bike we might be able to help. The best aproach is to contact us and we'll take an initial look at the bicycle. If it's running common systems and components we might be able to fix the problem. The issue is that there's no standards to e-bikes and there's a huge range of components with very little support from the original manufacturers. We will try our best but sometimes we have to admit defeat.

Bafang Mid-drive Conversions

After completing several e-bike conversions with different kits we've decided that the Bafang mid-drive kit is a great way to convert your bicycle to electric. We build a new batch of Bafang mid-drive conversions every winter and we will support our own Bafang conversion come rain or shine.

2nd-hand e-bikes

We do not buy and sell used e-bikes. We wouldn't buy a used e-bike without extensively testing it first, which we haven't got time for. It's tempting when it's very cheap, but then it's most likely stolen.

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